Culberson County, Texas Genealogy & History

Culberson County History

Culberson County, originally part of El Paso County,  was organized in 1912, with Van Horn chosen as the county seat.  The city of Van Horn, organized in 1881, and other towns and communities grew up along the Texas and Pacific railroad lines.  View map.  Van Horn has been home to three Courthouses.  The first courthouse was a temporary office at the now-historic Clark Hotel. In 1912 a two-story brick courthouse was built.  Later, it was torn down after the opening of the 1964 courthouse.

Culberson County Courthouses

Culberson County History from the Handbook of Texas Online.

Culberson County Jail Historical Marker Text: In order to provide local law enforcement in the wake of Mexican bandit attacks, Culberson County was organized in 1911. The following year the county commissioners accepted plans for construction of this red brick jail. Although prisoners at times dug through the brick walls, the structure was used until a new courthouse which included a jail was completed in 1964.  Erected 1979.  Location: 3rd and Culberson, Van Horn.   Culberson County Jail from Wanted: Historic County Jails of Texas.  Photo of the Culberson County Jail from