Culberson County, Texas Genealogy & History

Census & Tax Records

When searching the Census Records, remember that Culberson County was not formed until 1912.  Search El Paso County census records in all census years before 1920.








  • 1920 Census for Culberson County from FamilySearch; Search the 1920 Census
  • 1920 Census for Culberson County - Digital Images online from  Microfilm reel 1789 - Collins Co. (EDs 16-27, and 31-32), Culberson Co. (EDs 26-29), and Comanche Co. (EDs 67-86).


Census Records at

You can search the census records for free at  It costs, however, to view the census images or to find out any additional information.   For free you can find:  Name, where they lived (City, County, State), and estimated year of birth.  Search census records at   (This page searches census records for all years; the results may be a little overwhelming.  Scroll down below the search box - and you can search each census individually.  Be sure to list Culberson County in the "lived in" box to see your relatives from Culberson County for the 1920 and 1930 Census and El Paso County for the 1860-1910 Census.